Are you curious to know will AI replace Musicians or rather assist them? If you are a Millennial you must have witnessed the technological transformation over the years. It’s surprising to believe how video chats have replaced phone calls, huge gatherings are now relying on streaming platforms and the reliance over mobile applications to add ease in life. 

Simply ponder on the top-performing platforms, today, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix with their online reach and capabilities will amaze. All of these sites have one thing is common- streaming. The masses are being directed to spend more time streaming online, which is the need of the time. 

The use of streaming platforms is not merely restricted to entertainment they have turned into a spinning wheel of fortune.

Certain factors contribute to the wide-scale adoption of streaming. 

Streaming avenues in the form of platforms and mobile applications is floding the internet. Some of the big brands are offering audio streaming platforms like Spotify for businesses. Their plan has so much more to offer to keep your customers amused. 

Other than ample avenues of trends that hit the industry have also magnified streaming. Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 has diverted the traffic towards streaming websites where people interacted either to get a source of entertainment or generate revenues.

The Future of the Music Industry

If you take a look at the technological world you will witness disruption, transformation, and acceleration. And that’s the same going on in the Music Industry. Swallowing up Musically App in 2017, TikTok has brought a new trend to mimic songs and showcase the talent. It has hugely intrigued the new Generation Z. Whether it’s about the future of EDM or the use of streaming platforms to gain recognition, both need a touch of innovation. Apart from that, you have to understand how rapidly a trend is being adopted and abandoned. 

Will AI Replace Musicians- The Trends & Statistics  

In the year 2019, the Global recorded music industry has generated around $20-$21 billion. However, Goldman Sachs Glowingly Forecast stated that the number has doubled currently and will hit over $45 billion by 2030.

music statsFurthermore, streaming has given new wings to the music industry. In the U.S streaming accounts for 80% of the total recorded music revenues. One of the giant in music streaming platforms, Spotify dominated with total user counts of 248 million globally. The platform has improvised and innovated its services to maximize its global reach. This depicted the progressive future of Spotify. So, if you want to make a sustained and consistent growth you need to be vigilant about adopting the trends and noticing the preferences of your listeners.


How Does AI Create Music?

If you are an AI researcher you must be aware of the big achievements of Alan Turing, renowned as the father of Artificial Intelligence. Back in 1951. he used AI to record computer-generated music; thus, introducing AI in music. His vision is the beacon of light over the years and now you can use recorded music becoming a norm of the industry. Artificial Intelligence analyzes the data from various compositions and like a puzzle pieces pout all the notes together to create a melody. Moreover, it works on certain algorithms and makes the genre enjoyable. The Top-notch AI model helps in creating music innovatively by combining different elements together.

How AI is Assisting Musicians 

AI in musicGoogle has introduced its Magenta Project which is producing songs written and created by AI. There is an AI system named Flow Machine being used to develop music. The known song name “Daddy’s Car” appeared to be a great product of it. 

Considering the changing tech structure, musicians and artist have to acquire skills to handle the advanced technology to stay updated and recognized in the industry. Among many other services of AI for music Amper Music and Jukedeck are the promising ones.

Will AI Replace Musicians?

Even though Artificial intelligence is reshaping lives and industry on much larger grounds, yet people are not being ready to believe and adopt the change. Where all the big names have integrated AI what the music industry should do to reap out good benefits? 

There are certain concerns breathing down the neck of music enthusiast by the widespread use of AI. The fear of getting replaced by bots is shaking the industry. However, one should realize that humans have created the technology and they should dig out a way to make it useful for them. One must not give all power of technology that he feels unsure about his own existence and efforts. 

AI Creating Music

You know that AI bots are creating music but do that particular track requires no human involvement? Absolutely not. Even though you use bots there is a need for human creativity. What a human brain can perceive, think and evaluate is something unique and different. Even if in some ways it replaces humans, the worth of a good artist will remain intact.

No matter what genre you pick, AI is making its contribution. It’s not only about mixing EDM tracks but the bots have the capabilities to create country music as well. A number of artist are utilizing the power and capacities of Artificial Intelligence to drive out better outcomes for their music growth. 

At least in the foreseeable future, it’s safe to say that AI bots cannot replace musician and artists. However, you must get equipped with AI integrated tools and software to produce music that can reach out to billions of listeners. 

Wrapping Up 

It’s understandable that an AI artist performing in your next concert would look weird and that will not be so entertaining but you cannot overlook the fact that bots are everywhere. It’s better to find a way between and incorporate advanced technology in music production than to abandon AI with the fear of taking over your place as an artist or musician. 

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