Now and then. cafes, diners. outlets or public avenues making headlines for not playing licensed music in their premises. Sued by agencies like BMI music, the cafe though not known to many, get on the headlines for their slight negligence.

It’s understandable how important overhead music in to set the mood of the place, but it’s necessary to see if you have a licensed playlist or not. So, before you get ambushed by any copyrights agency like BMI music licensing, its time you prepare your grounds and get a firm foundation to your audio branding campaign. 

Nevertheless, before you opt to have a licensed playlist there are certain things that needs your attention. Know which sort of music you want for your brand. You must not be paying for the tracks that are inappropriate for your outlet or café. 

So, here are some valuable tips on how to select the right playlist for branding and secondly the right way to get a legal music for your outlet, café or store. Read on!

Guide To Play The Right Licensed Music 

licensed music

“Music can make a big difference to how customers perceive your venue. The right music can make people like your space more – and spend more money in it.”- Magnus Ryden

Music helps revive a place and wipe off mundane auro along with igniting an energetic spark within the visitors. So, to make your store a desirable spot, here are some useful tips for you to follow:

You are not playing to keep yourself amused or showcase a pompous outlook of your outlet, rather playing to keep the visitors enthralled. You aim to keep your customers entertained and make them like your place. So, considering that, a good playlist can be organized if you delve deeper into the market and learn about your target visitors.

The music playing in your store rightly throws the light on your brand equity. You need to select the tracks that can highlight your brand’s image and help you spread its recognition to far and wide. So, when preparing the playlist for your outlet or cafe keep in mind the key elements that your brand’s personality carries.

How To Find an Incredible Source of Licensed Music for Your business

licensed music sub imageWhen it comes to music copyrights, there are two kinds of legalization that you require. First one involves composition which covers everything from lyrics to tone to rhythm and notes. The second one is the one which you need is permission for public performance rights to the music playing. With this license, you can play and download music from any site and can play it anywhere you want.

In the United States of America, four reliable PROs are there that can help you get the public performance rights certificate. These agencies include GMR, BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP. These entities have their own catalogue of music which they control. They give you the license to play which any music you want. Apart from them, there are other platforms as well that you’re going to discover in this blog.

Step #1: Evaluate Your Needs

Certain aspects are there that needs your attention. You need to ask yourself questions that will guide and help you to know what your business really wants in terms of audio branding. Queries like:

Step #2: Radio: Zero Cost but No Control

Those who want to completely avoid paying a penny to play overhead music opt for radio as their main source of entertainment. But the major flaw of intriguing a radio in your outlet, cafe or diner is uncertainty and the risk of spoiling your brand image. As you know there is zero cost to listen to the songs on the radio, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s uncontrollable. You do not know which track gets played the very next moment. In addition, the RJ handling the channel would be interacting with the public during or after the track is played. Now you surely do not want uninteresting chatters filling the air in your outlet.

Step #3: B2B Solutions- Freedom To Play With Limited Control

If you do not want to spend bucks legalizing every track you want to play and still want to enjoy licensed music you can turn towards opting for the B2B audio branding solution. Many companies are surfacing within the industry that offers licensed music with a minimal per month subscription charges. Among the names, the prominent ones are Spotify for business and Envato.

These service providers handle all the matters related to licensing the music or the artists but the only flaw is that it restricts the right to the tracks being played. This technique though provides a Pandora list of music but does not allow granular control.

Step #4: Direct Licensing

The next and the simplest option is to opt for direct licensing. By going through this process you do not have to worry about a thing. You can select the track you want and organize the playlist in your own style. The ambiance of your store or café will all be in your control. 

Step #5: How Ambii Can Provide A Much Better Option To Enjoy Licensed Music 

Ambii is the platform that provides licensed music for free, isn’t it amazing? It promises to provide over 200 curated stations with an incredible range of features. You get the control to thousands of different tracks and can play whichever music you want to enhance the feel, ambience and energy level of place. You do not have to get involved in legalizing the tracks, Ambii will handle everything for you.

Wrap Up

So, these are some incredible ways to help you get licensed music for your store or diner. You can liven up your place and enhance your brand recognition without getting yourself in any trouble. 

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