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The Ultimate Guide To Play Background Music For Business & Stores

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Marketers are realizing the effectiveness of background music for business considering its many physiological benefits. The term was first associated with the only musical score of television, movies and radio dramas. However, over the years it has turned into an ambient source in restaurants and retail outlets. Even public places such as malls and other indoor recreational spots are now playing overhead music.

If you look into its psychological aspects, it can affect a customer’s decision-making abilities. It can enhance shopping time and keep the visitors entertained in your store. It uplifts the mood and gives your brand a unique voice.

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The Sneak Peek into The History of Background Music For Business

Back in 2015, a study revealed that with the use of background music the emotions among the participants were heightened. They were better at the facial recollection. They all connected with each other in a harmony and enjoyed the mellifluous music together. Therefore, following the outputs of the study, the use of background music for business is proved potentially profitable. It does not distract or disturb the visitors instead create a positive emotion among them and stir them to pay more attention to details.

Now that you know how important and beneficial background music for business is, you must make sure the playlists and tracks you acquire are legally permitted and you have the license to play them for public use.

How to Get A License For Background Music For Business

Performing Rights Organization (PROs) is an organization formed on the basis of U.S. law. It works on behalf of musicians, artists, publishers and songwriters. There are a number of renowned entities working under them who are either region-specific or universal.

Among them, include SESAC and BMI. What you need to do is to contact them and ask for the license to play music at your store. You may have to share the usage on the basis of the number of days, the model of your business and how often you are going to play the tracks. There will be a fixed fee to pay per month or as per their package details.

In case you avoid getting a license and play music without seeking any permission, you will be sued and asked to pay the penalty fees which starts from $750 and can go as high as $20,000.  

Avoidance is a must and to avoid it either you play the music you own or seek out to get services from music service providers like Ambii.IO. We provide licensed music playlists to stores and retailers.


How To Pick the Right Music For Store

In order to select the music for your store you must keep in mind a few things. Here are the details, read on:

The Brand Voice

Two options are there to go with; pick either an instrumental playlists or the songs. In both the cases, you have to choose your genre. You need to know which genre suits your business. For instance, if you runs an apparel store for kids, women and men having causal dresses, a little punk, punk rock, pop, country music and jazz may suits your brand. Similarly, if it’s only a boy brand with casual and semi-formal dresses, you can pick rock, metal and even pop. To give your brand a more rough and cool outlook. However, whatever music you pick make sure that it suits the age and preferences of your target audience. It should have lively vibes in it intended to lift the mood of your shoppers.

Opt For Social Listening

To engage your buyers it’s a must to penetrate into the audience first. Therefore, for that, social listening comes as a beacon of light. It can help you delve closer to learning about what your audience prefer, which kind of music they are in to and what’s their temperament. For instance, Millennials are more mature as compared to their younger generation. They have a deep connection to the old 1990s songs and they feel more engrossed in the music. So, if you are targeting them, playing Queens, Nirvana or Bon Jovi can help you indulge your buyers more.

On the contrary, Gen Z are involved in pop, jazz and pop rock, Electric pop, or Alternative rock music. They prefer Billie Eilish to anyone else. So, you need to know what sorts of music genre can rightfully impact your business and get your visitors spend more time in your store and this is only possible through social listening.

Statistics-Backed Benefits Of Music

A survey conducted over consumers of the retail industry found out that over 61% of them find music important in their lives. Those who have experienced overhead music while shopping has reported having stayed for longer in the store. Around 35% of them were positive of having overhead music in stores. Furthermore, as per the survey, around 31% reported visiting the stores with overhead music again and 21% reported to prefer recommending such stores to their friends and family. Not only this, around 14% reported indulging in buying more things than expected due to the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere of the store.

Wrap Up

Remember your background music is the voice and tone of your business. So, choose it widely and stay legal. Acquire a license before playing music for public use.

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