Originated from the poorest streets of New York, Hip Hop is one of America’s best music genres. It is also known as Rap music. The combination of rhythm and speech is the essence of this genre. In the 1970s, a bunch of jobless street boys came up with the idea of creatively mixing words with emotions and rhyme them to rule peoples’ hearts. It was initiated by the African American and Latino guys who were facing hardships of life and unequal treatment. 

Most of them were unemployed but some got hired as the DJ in discos where they became familiar with the deejaying techniques and learned how to play music to hold the audience’s attention. Hip Hop was initially the name of non-stop music and talk. The singer would ask a companion to be an MC to grab the attention of people by introducing the singer and taking in between the songs. This fun collaboration of the DJ and the MC duos was one of the strongest elements that increased the likeability of this unique music style. The duos would make people dance, feel happy, and create strong energetic vibes. 

The Influence of Hip Hop Music

This genre also gave enough encouragement to the world-renowned dance form the breakdance. Nonetheless, the graffiti on the New York streets were also created by these Hip Hop artists. The music in the early 70s was only performed live such as at parties or discos. However, in 1979 its first recorded song named “Rapper’s Delight” by ‘the Sugarhill Gang’ came out.

Moreover, the song broke records and was on the list of worldwide top-ten songs. One of the reasons for the popularity of Hip Hop was that the lyrics were associated with everyday lives. There were songs for social issues such as poverty, crimes, and the stress of spending life in a dangerous city. Nonetheless, the instruments which are necessary to play Hip Hop are turntable, drum machine, sampler, synthesizer, and human beatboxing. Precisely, Hip Hop is and will be one of the finest music forms which were originally from America.

The List of Top 5 Famous Hip Hop Singers

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No music can gain the right attention if the artists aren’t putting in enough effort into it. Music is an inspiration and especially in Hip Hop, one can express his/herself evidently without any boundaries. It allows the singers to be unapologetically unconventional and put forward their opinion to the world. Without any further ado, here is the list of top 5 Hip Hop singers

His story is motivational for millions, he started from the ghetto of Brooklyn as a drug dealer but eventually ended up creating history with his work. His albums have been sold in the number of millions and had made good money every time. Some of his highly popular albums are, “The Blueprint” and “The Black Album”.

The heartthrob of millennials and generation Z, this artist has been developed a huge fan following purely on the basis of his skills and talent. His rhythms are funny, dark, clever, and highly intricate yet he is entertaining people and gaining fame because he knows how to bring Hip Hop to a new level. His life has not been easy since he was involved in drugs to remove the sorrow of his friend. However, after all the possible hardships, he stood again and continued his passion for Hip Hop.

Nicki is the inspiration for every woman out there. She is one of the profound Hip Hop singers the world has seen. Her don’t only end with her female voice. She surprises her fans by singing through her male alter ego which she has named as Roman Zolanki. Every time Nicki is on stage, the stage is set on fire. She brings light to the shows she appears in.

Anyone who loves music knows this name. Drake is one of those God gifted people who can sing for everything at all. His songs best fit in parties, in clubs, in cars, in the bedroom, and absolutely everywhere. Rising from a middle class family in Canada, like many Hip Hop artists/DJs Drake didn’t start his life as a drug dealer, instead, he went on and tried on a teenage show as the initial level of his career.

Tupac was the finest DJ you would find in the 90s. Though his soul has departed the world long ago, his music is still played in almost all the clubs. His words had the power to make everyone cry and feel every emotion to the core.

Psychological Benefit of Hip Hop Music

Undoubtedly music brings joy to life, however, the following are the major psychological benefits of Hip Hop.

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