A Detailed Analysis of Pop Music and Its Popularity

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A Detailed Analysis of Pop Music and Its Popularity Pop music is one of the widely accepted and heard music from around the globe. People love to listen to Pop because of its ever-changing nature and contemporary style. This genre has been in the limelight for decades and its popularity continues to grow with the […]

The Birth of Hip Hop Music | History & Scope

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The Birth of Hip Hop Music | History & Scope Originated from the poorest streets of New York, Hip Hop is one of America’s best music genres. It is also known as Rap music. The combination of rhythm and speech is the essence of this genre. In the 1970s, a bunch of jobless street boys […]

Internet of Musical Things | The Future Sounds Good

Do you know about the Internet of musical things? Stick along and learn more. Smart security system, wireless headphones, smart home appliances, fitness trackers and wireless earbuds are all the devices that are part of everyday life. Moreover, since the outbreak of COVID-19. AI, technology has facilitated us in many different ways. From ensuring social […]

Why Nike Customers Yearn To Visit Their Stores

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Wonder why Nike customers love the brand? It’s right to say that Nike is the most recognized sportswear across the globe. Not only does the name reside in the mind of every consumer, but its unique logo appears instantly when here the brand name. But what made Nike so renowned, so popular? According to Statista, […]

Top Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertising technique that is based on the element of surprise. Driven through the warfare guerilla technique to disguise and ambush, this strategy revolves around creating a highly unconventional campaign. It can catch the audience’s attention. It involves such techniques that garner attention and positions your brand in the market most […]

How Overhead Music Prevents Driving Customers Away

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Undoubtedly, music prevents driving customers away. Not only that it livens up the stores but contributes to building interesting brand equity. Audio branding influences the outlook of a business thereby attracting visitors more effectively. Furthermore, as the market is heated with fierce competition, now is the time to ponder on offering an impressive hopping experience […]

How does the future look for the Brick-and-Mortar Industry?

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Have your business decisions been myopic and you haven’t figured out the Plan B to adapt to the shifting dynamics of retail? Are you too late into the game of Brick and Mortar? Who knows what the future could look like for the Brick and Mortar Industry? The best we can do is to help […]