Your Comprehensive Guide for Introduction Music in Business​

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Your Comprehensive Guide for Introduction Music in Business Music in business serves as a signal to all who listen to it. This lets people know if they are in the right place – or not. It makes them feel good about themselves and the brand. Businesses spend thousands or even millions to define their brand. […]

Understanding the Science Behind Music for your Business


You’re starting a business and sorting out most things: secure funding, an excellent location to get started, and negotiating an affordable lease. You’ve created the visuals (your storefront, logo, etc.) and set up a web shop, Facebook profile, and Instagram account. You have an excellent marketing and promotion plan. You have reliable suppliers, and you […]

Meditation 2022- How to Get Background Music for Spas

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Meditation 2022- How to Get Background Music for Spas Music for spa intends to soothe the listeners. It enhances the level of positive hormones along with lowering the heart rate. Moreover, music can make your spa experience more relaxing. Apart from this, the new-Age genre of music has brought a new turn in spa music […]

Playing Music in Stores- Guide To Get An ASCAP Music License

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Playing Music in Stores- Guide To Get An ASCAP Music License Want to avoid copyright infringement. Learn all about ASCAP music license for your store, bars or restaurants. If you are planning to go playing overhead music, you need to learn about privacy and copyrights policies. For that, a panel of organizations dedicatedly handle these […]

Music for Restaurants- SESAC Music License Guide

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Music for Restaurants – SESAC Music License Guide Moreover, if you are wondering how to get the SESAC Music license, here is a comprehensive guide to help you. SESAC- the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers is a non-profit PRO organization. It is one of the leading performing rights activists, who work for music […]

Will AI Replace Musicians- The Future of Music Industry

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Are you curious to know will AI replace Musicians or rather assist them? If you are a Millennial you must have witnessed the technological transformation over the years. It’s surprising to believe how video chats have replaced phone calls, huge gatherings are now relying on streaming platforms and the reliance over mobile applications to add […]

The Art of Making Playlists for Your Business

The right selection of playlists for your business impacts the growth unbelievably. As per the research, music can impact the buying decision-making time positively. Back in 2010, a flower shop owner observed the impact of a different playlist on the behaviour of visitors. His sales increased whenever he chose to play romantic and cheerful songs. […]

Ways To Play Licensed Music For Your Business

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Now and then. cafes, diners. outlets or public avenues making headlines for not playing licensed music in their premises. Sued by agencies like BMI music, the cafe though not known to many, get on the headlines for their slight negligence. It’s understandable how important overhead music in to set the mood of the place, but […]

Reasons To Adopt an AI-based Consumer Driving Model

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AI-based consumer model has become an integral part of the business strategy. Artificial Intelligence is triggering many speculations for years. Some of the common titles of AI include “biggest existential threats”, “dangerous than nuke” and “a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.”  “We are headed towards a situation where AI is vastly smarter […]

Top Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertising technique that is based on the element of surprise. Driven through the warfare guerilla technique to disguise and ambush, this strategy revolves around creating a highly unconventional campaign. It can catch the audience’s attention. It involves such techniques that garner attention and positions your brand in the market most […]