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Playing Music in Stores- Guide To Get An ASCAP Music License

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Want to avoid copyright infringement. Learn all about ASCAP music license for your store, bars or restaurants.

If you are planning to go playing overhead music, you need to learn about privacy and copyrights policies. For that, a panel of organizations dedicatedly handle these legal issues. The organizations work on U.S. laws and are completely legal. It’s best to stay legal to avoid heavy penalty charges and keep your business progressing smoothly.

Here are two essentials you need to pay for playing music in your store:

  • Pay for the CD’s of any professional music streaming service to get your desired playlists and tracks
  • Pay for the license to get the right to use the music wherever you want.

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Table of Contents

What is ASCAP Music License?

ASCAP- American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers are the oldest organizations of PRO in the United States. With the membership of music composers, songwriters, artists and publishers, the organization came into being back in 1914. It’s a huge organization with more than 10 million works and over 625,000+ members.

Performing Rights Organization (PRO)

Performing Rights Organization commonly known as PRO speak and work on behalf of musicians and artist. They ensure whoever uses the music has the license and the right to do so. The musicians, composers, songwriters and artists should be legally paid for sharing their tracks for public and commercial use. Hence, to play music to boost your business you need to acquire a license and for that, there are terms and conditions applied. Whoever avoids getting one receives a huge penalty fee and may even get sued by the composer or music owner.

How ASCAP Music License Determines Penalty Fees

The ASCAP license cost depends upon certain factors. It depends upon which type of music your business wants and about its usage. How many days in a week do you want to play it and what mean. Fees for playing music live from another artist is different than playing it on a music box. Back in 2018. The estimated minimum fee of ASCAP music license was nearly $380 for restaurants and $146 for retail stores.

Things You Must Know About ASCAP Music Licensing

There are many misconceptions and confusions related to music licensing. People find it difficult to understand what sort of license they need and how high or low would the price be. So, here is a list of confusions with their respective solutions. Read on:

Can I avoid paying to PRO?

You can only if the music you play in your store belongs to you. If you have recordings that you own in your smartphone or on any external device, that you want to connect in your store, you can avoid PRO license. The license implies on the tracks that belong to other artists. However, there is one more condition. If your store is playing radio and the songs on it then you are exempted from taking any license. You can turn on TV or radio to play random music in your store.

Do I have to pay for playing live performances

The case is similar here as well. If the artist in your store is playing songs that do not belong to him, you are liable to get the license. As long as the music is for the public, the business owners are asked to get the license for not getting sued by the composer or the artist.

Is taking services from music playlists provider a good option?

Yes, it is a good option. For instance, if you are seeking out to get Ambii.IO services to get a playlist for your retail store, bars or restaurant for public use, you get licensed music to play. You are not liable to individually pay to get the license, as it’s the organization’s responsibility to handle these matters for you. What we provide is legal and follows the U.S. laws of music.

Can I play copyright free music?

Playing copyright free music helps in not getting any license as the music is available for public use. The music does not bound the businesses to get any permission. It’s an open invitation for everyone to get and share it with their audience. However, before you get the playlist it’s best to verify it from ASCAP or any other PRO organization.

Can I play purchased music in my store?

Yes, you can play purchased music that you get from music service providers in your store. The music comes with the right to use commercially. You do not need any license then. So, it’s best to get ready to play playlists with your desired tracks and music.

How Licensed Music Influenced Your Business Growth

A business with a strong foundation prospers without any hurdle. Today, as things are pacing so fast towards advancements and modernization, it’s best to leave no loophole behind. You need to make sure your business is out of illegal activities. Playing music in store should be a legal act. Moreover, overhead music has its own many outcomes and benefits. It speeds up purchase decision making time and stretches the shipping time as buyers enjoy your store. Furthermore, your brand gets a unique voice and auro. Considering these aspects, you sure would not want to receive thousands of dollars of penalty fees. So, get the license or rights to play music in public.

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