Overhead store music plays a vital role in keeping the visitors engaged. To make sure your customers and visitors to the store stay entertained, consider store music a smart branding solution. But did you ever wonder if your overhead music playlist is even legal or not? 

All sorts of music including tracks, songs or complete albums are all protected through some copyright laws which every business should follow. Royalty-free music for your business gives the exclusive rights to use the tracks in your store for any purpose. Moreover, when you rely on secure and protected music you dodge the damage ranges from $750 per violation to $150,000. 

Peter Strand, an entertainment once stated music to be a “commodity just like anything else” in society. Where it helps businesses to bring many positive outcomes, it can ruin your earnings with the damage charged upon you by the respective music track owner.

About Ambii- The Overhead Store Music Solution 

Ambii, a virtual jukebox, is one of the most renowned platforms that provide outstanding audio branding solutions to retail stores. Unlike Spotify, the individual music listening platform, Ambii forms a social listening music avenue. It ensures to bring unmatched outcomes on the sales and progress of businesses irrespective to which industry they belong. 

It delivers a curate of music manually or with the help of AI bots. Through the integration of artificial intelligence, the bots suggest which track to play after reading and observing the target audience. Ambii sets the mood of the place and provides suggestions of music that can keep a majority of people enthralled.

Store Music Features Of Ambii For A Progressive Buying Journey

Ambii with its massive collection provides engaging and interesting shopping music for your retail stores. It has over 200 impressive and popular playlists with a curate of tracks and music. The best thing about the app is that it gets weekly updates so your customers will never be refrained from enjoying the trendiest track.

Keeping personalization in the business model, Ambii ensures to set an appropriate mood, rhythm, tempo and genre of the store. It analyses the customer’s behaviour and provides tracks that can influence their attitudes and energy level, making them more involved in your products. 

Apart from this, Ambii provides business-centric features that include explicit filters, day partying and in-store messaging. By integrating with your currently installed point of sale system, the platform will help you get a massive amount of music easily and in a completely hassle-free manner. Furthermore, with Ambii operating in your store, you not only get a fair use of music but can localize and interact with your target audience thus enhancing the overall engagements.

The Unmatched Outcomes A Retail Store Can Generate Using Ambii

Ambii is the most profitable solution when it comes to rising the revenue generation of your stores by keeping the visitors enthralled. With little investment, you can generate double folds of revenues. You do not need hardware nor any large equipment with lots of connections to create a channel to get the music. Everything will be operated via the cloud using AI integrated bots. 

Secondly, you get to save on licensing the music as businesses pay royalties to the respective artist which is much more convenient. You get to play all the tracks in a completely risk-free manner. 

As per the statistics, by playing background music in your store you can achieve a steady 9% increment in your overall sales all along expanding your clientele. 

Furthermore, what’s best than having the superhuman intelligence of artificial intelligence operating the environment of your store? With Ambii you get the assistance of smart bots to analyse the appropriate tempo for your store that can influence in enhancing the store sales. 

With all these features helping you reap profits out of your store, there is one most impressive aspect of revenue generation in Ambii’s business model. You can play advertisements for other businesses or channels in your store that can create a separate progressive stream of revenues for you.

How Ambi Makes Money 

Ambii renowned for providing legal audio branding services to businesses has two most impressive ways to generate money. 

By collaborating with retail stores and businesses we collect data that is further used by many advertising agencies and brands for the promotion of different products. Through this channel, we streamline revenues. So, in this way, with data, we generate $60/mo whereas without data we can generate up to 21/mo per store.

If a store prefers not to opt for the advertisement plan, we charge the subscription amount which is around $16/mo. So, that’s how we create a sound channel of revenue generation.

How Ambii Drives Huge Outcomes & Engagements To Your Store

Ambii stands apart with its impressive offerings due to a number of incredible reasons. All of its offerings are targeted to bring prosperity to the scope of your business. It limits the offline playing mode that provides radio licensing, which accounts for 13% of revenue generation.

The platform is free to listen to music. It ensures to bring a change in the environment and progress of a business as well. It provides unbeatable upsell opportunities to brands by providing the most suitable tracks and genres. Moreover, it lowers the CAC by allowing bundling as its foremost marketing foundation. 

All in all, Ambii helps you stand out from the clutters. It ensures to improve the ambience of your store making it more likeable by the visitors. Along with a well organised but targeted playlist but can also dig out better avenues for increased revenue generation. You get to incorporate the power of AI into your business model. It can maximise your brand recognition in a smart way with impressive audio branding solution.

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