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Top 5 – From Monotony to Musicality

Wake up. Roll over. Check your phone- 10:28. With a groan you rise out of bed to commute 5 feet to your work, which is your desk in your room. Another (not) dawn, another day in quarantine. How much longer until all this passes? At least you have your music to get through the day…

We’ve all been there before- work splayed out in front of us, or dirty dishes in the sink, or laundry that needs to be folded. What seems to be simple, easy tasks end up feeling like pushing a rock up a hill, only for it to fall back down again. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

Something that I’ve realized in this time of shelter in place is that music makes everything a little bit sweeter. Monotonous tasks, such as sweeping the house, become a personal concert of glimmer and good vibes when my earbuds are slipped in. As human creatures, we are able to enjoy the beauty of music and rhythm. Therefore, I urge you (yes you sitting there in self-isolation) to give it a try- open up Ambii and turn it up! Not sure what to jam out to? Have no fear- here are 5 of my personal favorite playlists for specific activities around the house.

Working on a Project: Pianissimo Pop

With harmless lyrics and gentle rhythms, this playlist is a soft way to ease you into the study zone. Filled with well known covers and acoustic renditions of pop songs from the 2000s to today, this playlist is bound to soften your heart, mind, and ears through the harsh work that lays in front of you.

Sweeping the House: Romantic Ballads

If only your trusty mop or broomstick was the love of your life. Instead of monotonously sweeping the ground, you’d be waltzing around the house with them, professing your one true love to the bristles that sparkle your floors.  Overflowing with songs of love and joy, we’ve created Romantic Ballads for one purpose and one purpose only- to truly and flawlessly sweep you off your feet. 

Cooking up Dinner: Background Classical

The strings of the violin slice the air as you finely dice those onions with precision. Talented fingers dance across the keys of the piano as you expertly sautee all your ingredients into your pan. The crack of the drum resounds with the crack of the eggshells, the sizzle of the meat reflects the muted applause of the audience. After all is said and done, you stand before the presence of three masterpieces. The music itself, the delicious food you’ve created, and the greatest masterpiece of all- you.

Folding the Laundry: Stripped Down

Just like the soft texture of freshly-washed clothes between your fingers, this playlist features soft songs that shine through with clean vocals and acoustic instrumentals. Heartfelt lyrics of singers and songwriters will melt your troubles away as you neatly fold each garment with handle and care.

Simply Chilling in Bed: Chill Beats

A playlist made for one of my favorite activities- kicking back and relaxing in the comfort of my bed. This playlist, peppered with chill hip hop and R&B tunes call for golden glowing lights and a book to pair with it. Lay back, relax, and enjoy life- positive vibes only.

These playlists are a part of Ambii’s superset “Working from Home”. Find “Working from Home” on our Shelter in Place setting using our Ambii app today!

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