An Ultimate Guide To Reggae Music- Its History & Origin

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Reggae is a traditional music form that has evolved from the Jamaican roots. Music has a worldwide reach and a strong fan base. It is the music of Jamaica and has made its way out to people’s hearts with its sounds, rhythms, and lyrics. This music form is famous in most regions of the world. It includes the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of the African countries. People around the globe love and listen music. Moreover, the demand for Reggae musicians is not only in Jamaica or British regions but they have performed in almost all the countries of the world with excellence and expertise. 

How it Came into Existence?

As mentioned above, Reggae is a form of Jamaican music and it has come specifically from there. Jamaica was basically a colony under British rule in 1962 and the people of it, with their love for music, originated this music type. The music started to develop in the 1960s and started to gain fame rapidly since the people had a good time listening to it. The inspirations genres for this music form were ska (a music genre that accommodates fast, loud, and dancing lyrics. Furthermore, instruments like saxophone and trombones), the Orleans Jazz, and the Motown soul music helps in creating it. 

Moreover, to create the rhythms and to make the best themes, the artists used instruments from military bands and European orchestras. With the merger of all these forms, a new music genre came into existence and continued to make history with the unmatchable voices and sheer talent of singing. They produced unique music that was new to people and which has inspired many in the surroundings. It became easier for the artists to come to Britain to showcase their talent since they lived in the British colony. In short, this music form has been a widely heard genre and it continues to grow.

Popular Singers of Reggae Music 

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None of the music genres can succeed or progress without the right artists. The fame of the music depends heavily on the singers and creators. The more passionate and dedicated they will be, the better the chances of the genre being popular will increase. Like any other form of music, here are the – most popular singers of Reggae music. 

  • Jimmy Cliff

Anyone who has listened to Reggae or is a fan of this genre must have heard of this name. Cliff is a trailblazer for Reggae music. With his album ‘The Harder They Come’ he has created history and has left a strong mark for this genre to the world. He is an international star. His best quality was that he could sing the song right at the time he was writing it, this type of talent is rare today. 

  • Dennis Emmanuel 

A voice that goes through hearts and a voice that can melt anything be it a heart or the solid rocks, is the magical voice of Denis Emmanuel. He is known as the crown prince of Reggae music because of his utmost dedication and unconditional love for the music. Moreover, the American National Public Radio featured Deniis Emmanuel in 2010 in the list of 50 great voices of the world. Before he left the world, he has paid his fair share of music to the world.

  • Winston Rodney 

Imagine a person performing a music genre for over four decades, this is a long time and Rodney has done this with ease and perfection. He has done multiple shows and has been ruling the hearts of the people with his raw talent and voice. He has served his part of music by singing songs on injustice ad enlightenment. He sure knows how to raise a voice against the wrong and how to appreciate the right. He has always spoken for the truth and he says he will continue to do this. 

  • Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare 

The strongest team in the history of Reggae music are these two. They were both a part of the famous Reggae band ‘Skin Flesh, and Bones’ but later in time they decided to part ways with the band and make their own move with the two collaborating. Their music has left everyone amazed at their creativity, skills, and talent. They created their own style which is followed by producers and musicians till today.

Psychological Impacts of Reggae Music 

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Music is a form of divine and especially when it connects to the heart, there is nothing that can replace it. However, here we are going to discuss the psychological impacts of listening to Reggae music on human minds. 

  • It Uplifts Your Mood 

It is observed that music feeds the soul and it helps a mind come out of the sad zone. Listening to Reggae music, a person can uplift his/her mood and feel diverted and happy. There can be multiple ways to uplift your mood but nothing will ever beat what music does to your personality and mood. 

  • It Will Help You Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major issues we are facing as a generation. Every other person is tied up in it and hence they need a distraction. Listening to Reggae music, you will be able to reduce stress and be happy. 

  • It Helps You Become More Productive

When it comes to productivity, the human mind needs boosts up and positive energy. If you are less productive or you want to give your 100% to something, then it is high time that you start listening to music. 

  • It Gives You Motivation 

Music is a way to make you focus on things and understand the world.  It motivates you to do better and better in your routine and in your life. If you want to attain your goals in life, listening to music will; surely help.

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