Ambii Setup Guide

A how-to guide to playing music with Ambii

If you don’t have an account,
you will need to sign up on Ambii.

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Select a station from our Stations page. Ambii offers dozens of curated stations, perfect for any business environment.

Access your Dashboard to find your Store Code. This Store Code allows you to connect your account to a mobile device.

If you don’t have an account,
sign up from our Website.

Select any one of our hundreds of stations from our Stations page.

Find your 6-digit Store Code on your Dashboard.

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Step 4: Select A Playback Device

Playing Music via Computer

To play music through your computer’s web browser, navigate to your Dashboard and select the play button.

Playing Music via Mobile Device

To play music through your mobile device:

1. Download the “Ambii – Music for Business” mobile application.

2. Enter your 6-digit Store Code from step 3.

3. Press ‘Connect’.

NOTE: If you entered a valid store code, music should start playing momentarily. If the code is invalid, check your Dashboard to ensure you are using the correct code.

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What is Ambii?

Ambii is an in-store audio solution that lets you play licensed music in your store. We have hundreds of playlists curated for any type of business and features made to help you manage your in-store audio.

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