Music feeds the soul, and especially when it comes to Jazz, one cannot just deny this statement. Jazz is one of the classic and widely loved music forms of America. The essence of this divine music form is improvisation and change. Since the day it entered the industry to the world till today, it has been through multiple changes and variations, however, all of them have only worked in favour of this music style. This is one of the heartiest and creative ways of expressing emotions. In the 20th century (the beginning era of this genre) people used to only dance to the rhythm. However, in the later years, most of them enjoyed listening to it by sitting back and relaxing. It also accommodated a unique way of ‘call and response’ songs where one would question something interesting and will answer it in the later part. 

The Origin of Jazz Music 

Most of the time, the performers play solo and are all set to steal the show single-handedly. This lively and soothing music genre originated in New Orleans where different communities lived together and celebrated life. However, in most cases, Jazz used to express the strong sentiments of pain caused by the unfair treatment the African American community had to go through because of their skin colour. Jazz has many music forms such as Blues, Ragtime, Spirituals, Folk, Marches, Classical, and West African. One of the most interesting facts about this genre is its first release led to many controversies. The album by a White American was considered as Black American music. Nonetheless today, Jazz is the best form of America have under its name making America one of the major exporters of this music around the globe.

Famous Singers of Jazz 


The popularity and fame of Jazz would not have been possible if the passionate singers for all these decades have not contributed their parts in the improvisation and enhancement of it. Each singer has given his/her best efforts to make this genre a hit. Their love for Jazz has kept this genre in limelight for more than a century now. Here is a list of famous Jazz singers from the 20th century till today.

It would be unfair to recall the origin of Jazz and not mentioning the contribution of Ella Fitzgerald for it. Fitzgerald is one of the pioneers of this music genre. She started her music career in the 1930s with a band. With her flawless pitch and mind captivating tone, Ella has ruled the heart of people.

Ballie Holiday just knew how to rule the hearts and how to convey the feeling of pain and sorrow with ease. She got famous for her connectivity and emotional connotations in the songs, the reason for her songs igniting emotions of sorrow was her being serving as a child prostitute and spending time in jail. Her journey was tough but yet she joined a band and soon got fame for her solo performances with here strong and heart touching voice. She is and will be one of the best Jazz female singers.

Though he started his career as a trumpeter, Armstrong has created history with his gravelly voice. His voice made him stood out from all the pop singers out there. His love for Jazz has given rise to music improvisations which are still rolling today. His worldwide hit was ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Imagine someone giving up their career for music, Al Jarreau is one of them, he has quit his career in psychology for music. He was one of that rare talent who would use his voice to make an array of percussive sounds. He was the best modern Jazz singer the industry had.

Talking about emerging talent means appreciating Jazzmeia Horn’s part in music. She is born to sing Jazz. Her voice and has ruled the hearts of millions. The 2017 album, ‘A Social Call’ is the pioneer of her successful music career. She has built a strong fan base since then.

Psychological Benefits of Jazz Music 

Music always helps when you want a change, when you want to feel lively, or when you just want to party. However, when it comes to the psychological impact of Jazz music, the results are unbelievable, here is what Jazz music does to human psychology.

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