Pop music is one of the widely accepted and heard music from around the globe. People love to listen to Pop because of its ever-changing nature and contemporary style. This genre has been in the limelight for decades and its popularity continues to grow with the emerging talent in it. This music name is the abbreviation of the simple word ‘popular’. It has been in cultures and has many genres. This genre includes lyrics that make you dance on the rhythm, lyrics that are easy to remember, and involves simple notations. You can listen to it in almost every region of the world and celebrate and accept with the same love everywhere.  

How it Originated?

Pop music does not come from one single genre, it is a mixture of many and holds the essence of many as well. Pop music originates from Jazz and Ragtime. It emerged in the 19th century where people needed something for their entertainment. The trends and music ruled the hearts of people, and it went on to the 20th century where Jazz music was already in fame. Pop music evolved from there as well. Going further, in the 1950s and 1960s, the love of people grew for the music genre Rock and Roll. It was a division of Pop as well and associated the youth most of the time. 

The aim and purpose of Pop music are to appeal to the audience and nothing else. The words that can go right through the hearts of the audience are the true essence of the genre. However, rhythm is one of the important elements as well. The songs have an attractive combination of solos and chorus at the same time. The music has gotten enough fame in the 1950s with its modern art forms in the United States and the United Kingdom. In short, today, Pop is one of the strongest cultural music the world has. 

Famous Singers of Pop Music 

pop artist

None of the music forms can gain the right amount of attention without talented singers. Just like a business cannot stand in the market without its representatives, a music genre cannot be popular without the right artists or singers. Mentioned below are famous singers of Pop music who have made the world dance to their rhythm:

Anyone who has ever heard music must have heard at least one song by this all-time sensational and evergreen singer Rihanna. She has created history with her music and she continues to do it with her voice. Her reason for fame is not bound with music but also her attractive dance moves. She has marked several awards under her name and she continues to it. Rihanna has marked eight American Music Awards, eight Grammy Awards, two BRIT Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards under her name. 

Who on earth does not know this name! It doesn’t matter if you love music or no, the ‘Waka Waka’ at the FIFA world cup has made everyone know who she is. She is a smart, delegate, and dedicated Pop singer who has made straight hits in her career. Though she is a Colombian singer, she has never disappointed anyone in the world. Her songs like ‘Whenever, Whatever’ and ‘Hip don’t lie’ have broken records and since then she is the music sensation around the globe. She has also won the Grammy Award for her music.

This Canadian child star has ruled the hearts of people by his talent and voice. His career started from a YouTube video and then it continued to grow as the world could witness today. He has been a teen sensation and has given tremendous music to the industry. In spite of being a Canadian, Justin is loved by Americans like no one. Bieber has won multiple awards for his singing including the Grammy Award. He is the first youngest artist who has made the history of hitting seven back-to-back number music albums in the United States. 

She is one of the strongest pop artists America has under its name. Her talent and voice have got her the life and fame she deserved. Swift started her career as a young artist but her success did not wait for her age and got fame right after her first debut album in 2006. She has inspired thousands of young women from around the globe. She also writes songs to follow her passion religiously.

The Psychological Benefits of Listening to Pop Music 

pop music

Music has always been a way of entertainment and enjoyment to people. It is usually the mood uplifter and can make you enjoy the moments while dancing and having fun. However, these are the psychological impacts of Pop music on the human mind. 

How Ambii is at Your Music Rescue 

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