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Great music = Great mood = Great work.

Music will affect your mood and also change the way you perceive the world, according to research from the University of Groningen. If your employees are happy, joyful, and energetic, it would reflect on their work. Scientific research proved that music will elevate employees’ work productivity.

Here are the findings from a few studies on the relation of music and its effects on the workplace attitude:

  • 90% of employees perform well when listening to music.
  • Music releases dopamine in your brain. Dopamine helps you improve focus.
  • Ambient music improves the accuracy of data entry in 92% of people. 
  • 40% of business owners believed playing music increased their sales.
  • 88% of employees produced more accurate work when listening to music in the workplace. 

Many pieces of research show listening to music in the background while working can help a person concentrate better. Therefore, today many offices are adopting this culture of letting their employees listen to music for helping them stay active and productive.

If you are still not convinced to play music at your workplace, here are more points to consider why playing music at your business place.

  • Music boost work performance levels and creativity. 
  • It Improves concentration and speed.
  • It helps to set the workplace environment and attitude.
  • Noise reduction by Ambient helps to concentrate and memory. 
  • Music help relieves stress. 
  • It also Increases Motivation

But it is not just tuning into some radio channel and playing random music. Different genres and the tempo of music affects our brain in different ways. Few genres would be distracting to your employees but others would make them workaholics. 

Select the music which suites your employee’s work and your business. Music with fast lyrics can distract your employees’ concentration.

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