As you walk in through the door of a cafe, you are immediately greeted with the familiar smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. The atmosphere is as unique as the people that frequent it. Even though the crowd is diverse, they seek a common sense of community in their coffee shop and the music should speak directly to these shared values. 

When analysing the music that accompanies cafes, people tend to look at categories like jazz or lo-fi music where it’s calmer and settling. I adore cafes that play blues or any type of music that has a piano to accompany it. The feeling of class hits you despite not wearing a tuxedo or a fancy dress. 

Music can portray many different vibes and it is important for the music in your cafe to complement the crowd and business objectives. For instance, an upbeat more fast-paced tempo can encourage a faster turnover of tables. Whereas, a slower tempo can create a comfortable atmosphere where people can sit and relax for hours. 

This concept of choosing the appropriate music is carried out very well by a cafe that I frequently visited as a college student, Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea, in San Jose’s quaint Japantown neighborhood. Their cafe has an old-fashioned vintage vibe that projects a neighborly feel. The music reflects this comforting atmosphere with slow warm rhythmic songs that invite neighbors to congregate for hours.

Stop guessing what your customers want!

Ambii, a music streaming service for businesses, offers playlists that are catered specifically to cafes. They have everything from “Lo-Fi Chillstep” playlists that encourage motivation and inspiration. Or maybe a “Blues Throwback” playlist that gives a nostalgic classy feel to people who are there to enjoy a quick conversation with friends and acquaintances. Another playlist that gives a great vintage feel to many cafes is “Sophisticated Jazz” as it brings a magical yet romantic vibe that can not be explained. 
Regardless of the type of vibe you’re going for, Ambii has your cafe covered with FREE music to match your brand. Get started in less than 1 minute!

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